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I dunno about you. But, it did come to my notice that I have not been blogging for a while. This is what happened:

Well, there was a crushing failure. Then there was a period of wallowing in self-pity. I remember traveling and spending time with friends. Then a pathetic whinging and thinking-about-life phase. Finally some action followed by a closing phase where I get out of my lair with a huge and difficult, possibly life-changing decision.

I know..the usual hiatus story. Problem of the matter is, when these things happen, I go back to the very fundamentals of life and start questioning everything. I mean EVERYTHING! Including, but not limited to, the point of this blog. And I am heartened to say that the blog lives!

So I get back here with some simple old-fashioned water color. It’s nothing much, but a simple measure of mental health.


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Self effacing worship, watercolor, A1

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So it was a Saturday afternoon and I was alone in my apartment. I could have gone out and met some friends. Should have gone to my cousins place to see his new baby. I really could have finished some of that work which is going to kill me in a week. Or I could have gone for voluntary work. I could have been to the club and played Tennis. On my way back I could have got my cycle repaired. And once back, I could have done my laundry. At least  I could have finished that book I was reading for over three weeks now…

The list of productive things I could have done on that afternoon that would make my life (or anyone else for that matter) better is endless. I knew this all along and yet I sit down to make this painting. It is not as if the painting is for sale or for any exhibition. Only people who would actually see this painting are my roommate, I and a few random visitors to our apartment. Nobody’s life gets any better or worse because of this painting. Absolutely nothing in the world changes because of it. It is as useless as anything can get. And yet, I make this painting and go to sleep happy and contented.

Why this obsessive compulsive painting? Why such blind love? This self-effacing worship!

I am actually asking. To be clear, I am looking for an evolutionary psychology answer.


P.S: To be fair, painting is far better than sitting idle – at least from a mental health perspective. Last time I was alone and did nothing, I was so bored, lonesome and depressed that I ended up painting on my face. Ironically, the situation was comical enough to set my mood right đŸ™‚

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Lately, I have been daring to move beyond realistic paintings. Even though above paintings are anything but abstract, I think I kinda get the whole abstract painting funda now. What I mean is that if a realistic painter comes and tells me that what I have drawn here don’t look anything like real sunflowers or the lady looks more 2D than 3D, its quite likely that my critic will end up looking like a jerk. Because nobody cares. I should not be told what or how to paint as long as I am not asking anyone to like it. I am free to paint. You are free to hate.

P.S: If you don’t know whether to love it or hate it and need someone important to tell you that, then you probably have a whole different set of issues to be worrying about.

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Heaven’s jealous, Water color, A4

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Dance Away!!

Dance away, Water color, A4

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The corrupt feel restless..

While the righteous feel at home..

The feeble feel depressed..

While the mighty feel inspired..

Men celebrate your beauty..

While women feel jealous..

Subadra a.k.a Chembakam is a fictional character in the celebrated Malayalam classic novel Marthandavarma by C.V Raman Pillai. She stands for something in the world I know nothing about, except that its worth dying for.


As tragic as her life was, I wouldn’t feel sorry. For, if only one could half live his/her life with as much courage and kindness of heart, death wouldn’t seem to matter. After all, one single thing you can really earn in life is a happy death.

If Subadra is real, she would probably pity me for having to do this portrait..

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Water color, A3

Just a different take on Krishna’s appearance..

How else could some one born about 4000 years back look like?.. isnt that like stone or bronze age of India?

Also didn’t anyone else think tat the blue skin is ridiculous?

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