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Indo-Pak Talks: The Mumbai Episode


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World according to humans

What God gave us

The mess we made out of it

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Words of Wisdom

My Sister

One fine day at home..while watching TV with my sis..

Me: Can I ask you something?


Me : What do you do when you are confused as to what to do?

Do what is right.

Me: How do you know what is right?

Figure it out!!

Me: But HOW????

There are ways to figure it out..

Me: like???

..like look at my annoyed face right now and see if you should shut up or not.

My “thegeniusnandu” friend

A few weeks before our Europe journey..

Do you have your 10th ,12th certificates scanned?

Me: No..just my passport and offer letter.

You should always have your certificates scanned. Its very important.

Me: Why?. I will have originals and a bunch of Xerox copies. Wont that do?. Why would we need 10th certificates and all scanned!

Its advisable to have scanned versions of everything.

Me: hmmm….

You better get it scanned before the journey. I said what I had to say. Now your wish.

Me: Okay okay..fine then.. I will get mine scanned today or tomm..

Great!! now can you take mine also when you go?

My five year old cousin


Cuz: Whats the baby-cow saying?

WoW: It’s just calling ‘mom’ in cow’s language.

Cuz : mm….

Mooooooo…..(now from a distance)

Cuz : No way!! the mom is calling the same thing back!

My VLSI lab mate

During one of those regular visits to my workaholic infested lab..

Me: I have absolutely no motivation to work today 😦

WoW : ..hmm..then you just prepare slides for your VLSI seminar.

Me: That would be me working!

My first Bhagavat-Gita-As-It-Is lesson

After the standard prayers and preachings, Swami innocently said the ultimate WoW:

As you all know, the universe is composed of five elements. Earth, water, fire, air and ether.

the insti dude: Excuse me..but Einstein has scientifically proven that there is no such thing as ether. So can you explain things in today’s perspective?

then followed a debate on what ether is and if it really existed or not and if what Einstein thought as ether is actually the ether..

I swore (probably the Swami too) never to attend the class again..

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Little love story

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Woman empowered..

But of course, there is an Easter day.. 😉

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My Colors

Well.. In your final year final sem of college, you cant help but look back. When you do look back, if you see

yourself molded for a phD you didn’t want at all,

your placements kinda messed up,

your love-life FUBAR,

yourself wondering what went wrong or

clueless on what to do with your damn life,

do the following.

Get a cup of coffee (Nescafe).

Start blogging.

Hopefully in a while you will discover your colors. Maybe.

This blog is dedicated to the clueless self with new hopes and dreams and to all the people who call me friend.


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